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365 Days of Being A Newsletter Writer

Shape of "Trust" - Pt 2: Pathways and Individuals

Shape of "Trust" - Pt 1

Nature of "Focus"

I spoke at the first TPM Conference and I left inspired

A Thought Partner That Never Sleeps Or Complaints

🔐 Thread: How do you engage with executive stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle?

Layers of Alignment / AI makes you productive / Collaborate with Me

Poll: What kind of premium content would you like to see?

A Dispatch On All Things Tools

The Blurred Line Between Methodology and Framework

What is Planning Really / Technical Program Operations / Importance of Tools From Other Roles / Finally, A TPM Conference

Planning vs Doing / Keeping It Simple / Building Great Program Documentation

Feeling overwhelmed by information / TPMs are World Builders / The Right Amount of Slack

Planning projects under uncertainty / Options For Dealing With Schedule Risk / Unlock a Premium Post

🔐 A Practical Guide to Structuring Your Technical Program

Using an anti-pattern for good / Bring solutions, not just problems / Make Room For Every Voice

Real Skills / Data, Opinion, Decisions / Safest thing about SAFe

Invite your friends to read Building Romes

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Misunderstanding Servant Leadership / Just because you can, you shouldn't / Let’s Copy This Hiring Practice

🔐 The Art and Power of Language

Sweating small stuff / Milestones & Estimates / We need to change how we interview TPMs

Systems Philosopher, Source of Truth, A New TPM Voice

Wartime and Peacetime TPM

Decomposing complexity, Growing as a TPM, Think slow act fast

Ask Aadil - Wrong way to use the TPM function

Shape of Effective Tactical Execution, TPMs are not middle managers, Asking the Right Question + More...

Who writes meeting notes, two TPM personalities, a new TPM voice to follow

📮Monday TPM Field Dispatch 001

Gatekeepers of Time

The Terrifying Last Mile

The Right Level of Detail In Project Planning

Retrospecting A Life Of A Technical Program Manager

🚀 Level Up - Becoming A Great Technical Program Manager (Live Cohort Course Coming Soon)

The life and nature of a process

My first AMA on "Life of a TPM" hosted by Luca Rossi

Staff Engineer & TPM: A conversation about tech's two most unique IC roles

A task management system designed for TPMs by a TPM

Avoid these risk communication anti-patterns

Why hire Technical Program Managers when we have Product Managers

Technical Program Managers don’t implement SCRUM

A better mindset towards resource planning

BR 2/52: How TPMs Can Implement Change Effectively

BR 1/52: Why we really hate meetings

Reflecting on 2022 + Looking to 2023