My name is Aadil, and I write Building Romes - a newsletter on all things Technical Program Management (TPM).

I have spent 11 years (and still going) driving software and hardware programs at some of techs biggest names - Apple, Google, Blackberry, Nike.

At present, I am Senior Engineering Program Manager at Humane building the next leap in personal computing.

This experience has taught me a lot about building software and hardware and I want to share those learnings with you to help you become a better TPM one newsletter at a time.

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To get you started and excited, here is the full archives of my essays.

‼️ If you need to get started, here is a compilation of all my writings from 2022 arranged in a essay book format called The Technical Program Manager’s Field Manual - Volume 1: Foundations.

‼️ Here are some of my more Most Read pieces to get your started:

Building Rome(s)
👩🏽‍💻What is Technical Program Management?
Howdy Tribe - Let’s talk about what exactly is TPM or Technical Program Management - my profession. Technical Program Management is the art of developing an end to end strategy on how to ship a solution to a problem of varying technical scale, complexity, and ambiguous definition, in…
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Building Rome(s) - Newsletter on All Things TPM
BA (22/52): How Apple Plans Software (A Visual Guide)
I get asked a lot about how we did project management at Apple. I was at Apple from 2012 to 2017. With every iOS release, we improved upon the process. Somewhere in those years, we merged the iOS and macOS engineering teams into a unified SW Engineering Org (Post Scot Forstall departure) which meant merging of the project management methodologies and PM…
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Building Rome(s)
How To Stay Flat Like Apple and Innovate
Howdy Readers - Welcome to the 26 new sign ups since my last essay, the most sign-ups ever recorded. Yay!! The tribe keeps on growing. 🤯🙏🏼🙌🏼🥳🎉🎊🍾🍻…
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Building Rome(s)
BRS-002: The Hedgehog, The Fox, The Engineering Mindset
Steve Jobs said - that the best ideas emerge from the intersection of technology and the humanities. My intention with this newsletter is to keep my writing within this intersection. I will not bore you with building project plans, or explain how to run effective meetings, no, far smarter and better people than me have done this already…
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Building Rome(s)
By The Readers Issue # 103 - The Sprint Plan - 2, 6, or 8
Howdy Tribe - Today's newsletter is going out to 195 dedicated readers. Continuing with the series on answering questions from the readers. (Dec 1) Lessons On Stakeholder Management For Large Cross-Functional Projects (Dec 8) Psychology of Project Management: Leading Without Authority…
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Building Rome(s) - Newsletter on All Things TPM
BA 52/52: How to manage multiple programs at the same time
As the name implies, Technical Program Manager, it does become necessary for us to lead more than one project or in some cases programs at any given time. Is that humanely possible? Yes and No. Have I ever managed multiple programs in my career? Yes, numerous times…
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I help demystify the role of technical program managers and what it takes to be a great tpm. Ex- Apple, Google, Nike, Blackberry. Currently working at an AI startup called Humane, Inc.