The TPM Library

Learning is a never-ending pursuit, a mindset which separates the successful from the not successful. Welcome to the Building Romes TPM Library.

Here I will share the list of books, articles, blogs, newsletter, podcasts and other sources of learning that every TPM should go through.

You will not find a source or link or suggestion here that I have not personally read or consumed.

This is not an amazon affiliation revenue stream but my own curation of the best knowledge out there for TPMs to learn from, grow, and become better at this art.

Most of the books can be found on Amazon or your preferred book reseller. I will add links wherever I think the content is hard to find or not easily shareable.

If you have suggestions for anything that should be on this list or for me to read, send me an email (aadilmaan at gmail) and I will add it to my reading list.

You can also find the link to the Library on the Building Romes Substack home page.

📚 Books Every TPM Should Read

  • The Art of Agile by James Shore

  • Team of Teams by Stanley McCrystal

  • Risk Upfront by Adam Josephs

  • Get on Track by Paula Dieli

  • The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim

  • Shape Up by Basecamp

  • Mythical Man Month by Fred Brooks (this is the olden golden of sw project management and development leadership; my TPM bible)

  • Nudge by Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein

  • Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't by Simon Sink

  • The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo

  • The Polaris System Development by Harvey M. Sapolsky — the genesis of the PERT chart. There is a lot of supremely relevant and historical context on how the more famous tools in Project Management came to be. I am a student of history and sometimes to find a path forward, we need to look back at where we have come from.

  • Pivot to Program Management by Jean Kang - This is by far the best quickstart guide out there for breaking into Program Management. Jean shares her experience and very actionable career pivot advice on LinkedIn. She also runs cohort course for aspiring Program Managers to make the transition; its worth checking out.

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