Sitemap - 2022 - BR: Technical Program Manager’s Field Manual

BA 52/52: How to manage multiple programs at the same time

BA 51/52: The Hard Choice - Should I switch from TPM to PM?

BA 50/52: A BigTech TPM's Unique Perspective of Transitioning to a Startup

📚 Introducing The TPM Library

The TPM Library

BA 49/52: Driving Large Scale Backend Projects

BA 48/52: The Right Type Of Solution

BA 47/52: Working With Designers (A Non-Designers POV)

BA 46/52: Tech Debt is Good

BA 45/52: Does it block ship?

BA 44/52: The Right Tool, Pt. 2 - Planning

BA 43/52: 3 Years As Remote TPM

BA 42/52: The Monkey Wrench Called Optimism

BA 41/52: The Trouble With Autonomy

BA 40/52: Growth, Scale, Communication Anti-Patterns and Observations

BA 39/52: Push and Pull

BA 38/52: The Right Tool

BA 37/52: Energy Spend (The Annual Planning Edition)

BA 36/52: Leveraging 1-on-1s Effectively

BA 35/52: The Tactical Side of Strategy, Vision & Storytelling

Building Romes' got 1,000 readers!

BA 34/52: The System For Grand Alignment (Status Reports)

BA 33/52: Story, Themes, Tentpoles, Features

BA 32/52: Systems of Work

BA 31/52: TPM Team Topology, Pt. 3

BA 30/52: TPM Team Topology - Pt. 2

BA 29/52: TPM Team Topology - Pt. 1

BA 28/52: Building Consensus in Engineering Teams

BA 27B/52: Conviction and Consensus

BA 27A/52: Working with Difficult Engineering Managers

BA 26/52: In Pursuit of the Perfect Project Plan

BA 25/52: A Rorschach Test Or Why We Love to Hate JIRA

BA 24/52: The #NoEstimates Rebellion, A TPMs POV

BA (23/52): Apple’s Contrarian Approach to Convergence

BA (22/52): How Apple Plans Software (A Visual Guide)

BA (21/52): Context > Shield

BA (20/52): Signs of TPM Burnout

BA (19/52): Systems, Truths, Shipping Software

BA (18/52): Systems and Overhead

BA (17/52): How Studying Philosophy and Logic Makes You a Better TPM

BA (16/52): How to get engineers to write design docs

BA (15/52): A How-To Guide on Technical Program Management for Product Managers (Part 2)

BA (14/52): The Rule of Silence and Technical Program Management

BA (13/52): Content vs Process

BA (12/52): Feedback Loops

Beyond Agile (11/52): Demystifying TPM Job Titles, Requirements, and Skills

Beyond Agile (10/52): The Checklist Mindset

Beyond Agile (9/52): How to organize and structure team information

Beyond Agile (8/52): The Socratic Method for Engineers, TPMs, PMs

Beyond Agile (7/52): How to build great processes

Beyond Agile (6/52): System of Systems

Beyond Agile (5/52): Weaponized Accountability and its impact on Creativity

Beyond Agile (4/52): Beware of the Absolutes

Beyond Agile (3/52): A How-To Guide on Technical Program Management for Product Managers (Part 1)

Beyond Agile (2/52): Thinking About Project Risks

Beyond Agile (1/52): Importance of Storytelling