I am a bit confused by your review of building timelines in Asana. The interactive timeline builder can be used to build timelines how you wish and does not auto-generate from issues as you mentioned. In fact, it auto-updates if you reschedule an item and have built your dependency pathways. I recommend taking another look at Asana timelines as this is currently my favorite tool for what you described as "missing" in the Gantt chart world (and I'm allergic to Gantt charts BTW). Also for your question about an all-in-one tool for product development I would choose Aha!

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"My heart aches for the near perfect All in one tool."

And it always will, sorry :)

Think of the company and team you would have to assemble to do all of those things well. Holy Payroll costs, Batman.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a CIO when I worked at a hospitality company. He was complaining about the fact that we needed eleven different point-of-sale systems to take in money. "After all," he said, "they all do the same thing: take in money."

You can see where this is going. The POS systems were built to take in money in a particular context. A table-service restaurant is going to have extraordinarily different needs than the kiosk renting kayaks. He was unconvinced. "It should be possible to do it."

My answer?

"Why hasn't someone done it already?" It's not an exotic, off-the-wall idea. So there must be a reason it doesn't already exist and it's because it would be waaaaay too hard to include all the contexts you need.

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